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–Parse and Visualize Unstructured Data in Hadoop

Posted by Brett Sheppard on November 5, 2011

In October 2011, I recorded a video chat with Ronen Schwartz, Vice President of B2B Products at Informatica, and Karl Van den Bergh, Vice President, Product and Alliances at Jaspersoft. The video runs a little under 10 minutes, and discusses approaches by Informatica and Jaspersoft to parse and visualize big data in Hadoop. (Disclaimer: Informatica is a Zettaforce client).

These approaches extend Jaspersoft business intelligence and Informatica data integration investments to leverage data stored in Hadoop, and support an Informatica drag-and-drop visual studio approach for parsing data in Hadoop that reduces the need for developers to manually write Map/Reduce scripts. For a broader discussion of data integration with Hadoop beyond the specific topics of parsing and visualization covered in this video and article, please refer to a Hadoop article series I wrote this summer for the Informatica Perspectives Blog.

Video chat with Brett Sheppard (left-hand side, wearing a white shirt), Karl Van den Bergh (center, in a blue shirt), and Ronen Schwartz (right-hand side, in a black shirt).

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