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Brett Sheppard’s career combines marketing and analytics. Brett is an early starter, working during high school in product marketing at data storage startup Maynard Electronics and in college as a data analyst at the U.S. Department of Defense as an employee of CASDE Corporation. Roles since then have included Gartner senior analyst, HP business intelligence solutions marketing director and Nortel strategic marketing director.

Combining product marketing skills with technical expertise in data management, analytics and collaboration technologies, Brett is a Cloudera-certified Hadoop system administrator (06/2011) and is becoming a TDWI-certified business intelligence professional (CBIP) in 2012.

Born and raised in the United States, Brett lived internationally for six years in Western Europe and Asia/Pacific, and has worked onsite with enterprise business and technical executives in 30+ countries.

While Brett majored in liberal arts and earned a BA with Honors from University of Virginia, followed by an interdisciplinary MA in business and Asian Studies from University of Pittsburgh, even in college he showed signs of being a data geek. In an interview for a college internship at a Washington D.C. think tank, the research director there said: “To get this job, you need to prove to me that you’re a real nerd.” Ten minutes later he said: “I’d be crazy not to hire a guy like you.”

When he’s not trail running in the San Francisco Bay Area mountains or volunteering on weekends with his dog in local hospitals and elder care homes for the SF SPCA’s animal-assisted therapy program, you’ll find Brett helping organizations manage and benefit from big data, participating at technology industry events, recording video chats, and writing analyses for publications such as O’Reilly.


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